Access control for users and teams

Customers on the Buildkite Pro and Enterprise plans can manage permissions using Teams. Enterprise customers can set fine-grained user permissions for their organization with the Member Permissions page.

For more information on enabling Teams for your organization, please see the Users and Teams section of Pipelines documentation.

Permissions with teams

You can see the teams that you're a member of from your user page from your Organization settings User section.

Screenshot of the User section, showing a list of Teams an User is a member of

In the Team section, you can add new teams or edit existing ones.

Screenshot of the Team section, showing a list of Teams

By clicking on a team, you can view the members, pipelines, suites, and team specific settings.

Screenshot of the Team section, showing a list of Test Suites the team has access to

Organization-level permissions

Users who are organization admins can:

  • Enable and disable teams for their organization
  • Create new teams

Team-level permissions

Users who are team maintainers can perform the following actions for those teams:

  • Add users to teams
  • Remove users from teams
  • Set read, write, and edit permissions on suites

All users in a team have the same level of access to the suites in their team. If you need to have more fine grained control over the suites in a team, you can create more teams with different permissions.

There are two levels of permissions for teams. They are:

  • Full Access members can view test runs and edit suite settings
  • Read Only members can view test runs, but cannot edit suite settings

Member permissions

Enterprise customers can control user permissions for selected suite actions. These permissions can be used both with or without Teams enabled.

User-level permissions are managed by organization administrators, and can be found in the Organization Settings under Member Permissions.

From the Member Permissions page, organization admins can toggle whether or not users can:

  • Create suites
  • Delete suites

If your organization has teams enabled, the suite creation permissions are managed at a team level. Suite creation permission controls can be found on the Teams Settings page. Without teams enabled, the suite creation permission control can be found on the Member Permissions page.