Teams API

Team data model

id ID of the team
name Name of the team
slug URL slug of the team
description Description of the team
privacy Privacy setting of the team (visible, secret)
default Whether users join this team by default (true, false)
created_at Time of when the team was created
created_by User who created the team

List teams

Returns a paginated list of an organization's teams.

curl "{org.slug}/teams"
    "id": "3bf68c45-aba4-416c-9f31-01838da5dc38",
    "name": "Everyone",
    "slug": "everyone",
    "description": "Everyone's welcome",
    "created_at": "2019-01-24T01:07:35.855Z",
    "privacy": "visible",
    "default": false,
    "created_by": {
      "id": "3d3c3bf0-7d58-4afe-8fe7-b3017d5504de",
      "name": "Keith Pitt",
      "email": "",
      "avatar_url": "",
      "created_at": "2015-05-09T21:05:59.874Z"

Optional query string parameters:

user_id Filters the results to teams that have the given user as a member.

Example: ?user_id=5acb99cf-d349-4189-b361-d1b9f36d70d7

Required scope: read_teams

Success response: 200 OK