buildkite-agent annotation

The Buildkite Agent’s annotation command allows manipulating existing build annotations.

Annotations are added using the buildkite-agent annotate command.

Newly-added Feature

This feature was introduced in v3.28.1 of the agent.

Removing an annotation

The buildkite-agent annotation remove command removes an existing annotation associated with the current build.

Options for the annotation remove command can be found in the buildkite-agent cli help:


buildkite-agent annotation remove [arguments...]


Remove an existing annotation which was previously published using the buildkite-agent annotate command.

If you leave context blank, it will use the default context.


$ buildkite-agent annotation remove
$ buildkite-agent annotation remove --context "remove-me"


  • --context value - The context of the annotation used to differentiate this annotation from others (default: "default") [$BUILDKITE_ANNOTATION_CONTEXT]
  • --job value - Which job is removing the annotation [$BUILDKITE_JOB_ID]
  • --agent-access-token value - The access token used to identify the agent [$BUILDKITE_AGENT_ACCESS_TOKEN]
  • --endpoint value - The Agent API endpoint (default: "") [$BUILDKITE_AGENT_ENDPOINT]
  • --no-http2 - Disable HTTP2 when communicating with the Agent API. [$BUILDKITE_NO_HTTP2]
  • --debug-http - Enable HTTP debug mode, which dumps all request and response bodies to the log [$BUILDKITE_AGENT_DEBUG_HTTP]
  • --no-color - Don't show colors in logging [$BUILDKITE_AGENT_NO_COLOR]
  • --debug - Enable debug mode [$BUILDKITE_AGENT_DEBUG]
  • --experiment value - Enable experimental features within the buildkite-agent [$BUILDKITE_AGENT_EXPERIMENT]
  • --profile value - Enable a profiling mode, either cpu, memory, mutex or block [$BUILDKITE_AGENT_PROFILE]