Elastic CI Stack for AWS overview

The Buildkite Elastic CI Stack for AWS gives you a private, autoscaling Buildkite agent cluster. You can use the Buildkite Elastic CI Stack for AWS to parallelize large test suites across hundreds of nodes, run tests, app deployments, or AWS ops tasks. Each Buildkite Elastic CI Stack for AWS deployment contains an Auto Scaling group and a launch template.


This diagram illustrates a standard deployment of Elastic CI Stack for AWS.

Elastic CI Stack for AWS Architecture Diagram


The Buildkite Elastic CI Stack for AWS supports:

  • All AWS regions (except China and US GovCloud)
  • Linux and Windows operating systems
  • Configurable instance size
  • Configurable number of Buildkite agents per instance
  • Configurable spot instance bid price
  • Configurable auto-scaling based on build activity
  • Docker and Docker Compose
  • Per-pipeline S3 secret storage (with SSE encryption support)
  • Docker registry push/pull
  • CloudWatch Logs for system and Buildkite agent events
  • CloudWatch metrics from the Buildkite API
  • Support for stable, beta or edge Buildkite Agent releases
  • Multiple stacks in the same AWS Account
  • Rolling updates to stack instances to reduce interruption

Most instance features are supported on both Linux and Windows. See below for a per-operating system breakdown:

Feature Linux Windows
Docker Compose
S3 Secrets Bucket
ECR Login
Docker Login
CloudWatch Logs Agent
Per-Instance Bootstrap Script
🧑‍🔬 git-mirrors experiment
SSM Access
Instance Storage (NVMe)
SSH Access
Periodic authorized_keys Refresh
Periodic Instance Health Check
Additional sudo Permissions
RDP Access

Get started with the Elastic CI Stack for AWS

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