Installing Buildkite Agent on Windows

This page references the out-of-date Buildkite Agent v2.

For docs referencing the Buildkite Agent v3, see the latest version of this document.

The Buildkite Agent can be installed on both 64bit and 32bit editions of Windows XP and later.


  1. Download the latest Windows beta from Buildkite Agent releases on GitHub
  2. Extract the files to a directory of your choice
  3. Edit buildkite-agent.cfg and add your token
  4. Run buildkite-agent start from a command prompt

SSH key configuration

SSH keys should be copied to (or generated into) in the user's .ssh directory. For example, typing the following into Git Bash will generate a new private key which you can add to your source code host:

$ mkdir -p ~/.ssh && cd ~/.ssh
$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""

See the Agent SSH keys documentation for more details.


See the configuration documentation for an explanation of each configuration setting.