Hosted agents pipeline migration

To migrate an existing pipeline to use a hosted agents queue, you must first ensure:

  • Your pipeline is in the same cluster as all the hosted agent queues you wish to target.
  • Each step in the pipeline targets the required hosted agent queue.
  • Source control settings have been updated to allow code access.

An additional process is required for private private repositories, see below for the relevant instructions.

Private repository

To set your pipeline to use the GitHub (with code access) service:

  1. Ensure you have followed the instructions in GitHub private repositories (on the Hosted agents code access page) for your pipeline's GitHub repository.
  2. Navigate to your pipeline settings.
  3. Select GitHub from the left menu.
  4. Remove the existing repository, or select the choose another repository or URL link.
  5. Select the GitHub account including ...(with code access).
  6. Select the repository.
  7. Select Save Repository.

All repositories

When accessing any repository (public or private) from a Buildkite hosted agent, you must also ensure the repository is checked out using HTTPS.

  1. Navigate to your pipeline settings.
  2. Select GitHub from the left menu.
  3. Change the Checkout using to HTTPS.