The following are solutions to problems some users face when using the Elastic CI Stack for AWS Mac.

My Auto Scaling group doesn't launch any instances

  • If your Auto Scaling group does not launch any instances, open the EC2 Console dashboard and Auto Scaling Groups from the side bar. Find your Auto Scaling group and open the Activity tab. The Activity history table will list the scaling actions that have occurred and any errors that resulted.

  • There may be a shortage of mac1.metal instances in the region, or Availability Zones of your VPC subnets. This error is likely to be a temporary one, wait for your Auto Scaling group to attempt to scale out again and see if the error persists.

  • Your launch template's AMI may not have been associated with a Customer Managed License in AWS License Manager. Ensure you associate your AMI and any new AMIs with a Customer managed license. Ensure the License configuration has a License type of Cores.

My instances don't start the buildkite-agent

Ensure your AMI has been configured to auto-login as the ec2-user in the GUI.

How do I enable use of Xcode and the iOS simulator?

To allow your pipelines to use Xcode and the iOS simulator the Buildkite Agent launchd job configuration requires an Aqua session type.

What user does the agent run as?

The Buildkite agent runs as ec2-user.