Plugins Directory

The Plugins Directory is where you can both discover and publish Buildkite plugins. Visit the directory at

Screenshot of a number of plugins

Plugins supported by the Buildkite team display the Buildkite logo in the directory, and can be found in the Buildkite Plugins GitHub Organization.

On this page:

Adding your plugin

To have your plugin appear in the directory:

  1. Host your plugin on GitHub as a public repository.
  2. Ensure your repository contains a valid plugin.yml file containing at least the name and description fields.
  3. Add the buildkite-plugin GitHub repository topic.
  4. Wait up to 1 hour for the plugin directory to sync with GitHub, and for your plugin to appear.

For example:

Screenshot of the ECR plugin GitHub repo with the Buildkite-plugin topic highlighted by a red box

Once completed, your plugin will display in the directory as pictured below:

Screenshot of ECR plugin in the Buildkite Plugins Directory

If you’ve completed the above steps and your plugin doesn't appear, send an email to and we’ll investigate it for you.