Plugins directory

The plugins directory is where you can both discover and publish Buildkite plugins. Visit the directory at

Screenshot of a number of plugins

Plugins supported by the Buildkite team display the Buildkite logo in the directory, and can be found in the Buildkite Plugins GitHub Organization.

Adding your plugin

To have your plugin appear in the directory:

  1. Host your plugin on GitHub as a public repository.
  2. Ensure your repository contains a valid plugin.yml file containing at least the name and description fields.
  3. Add the buildkite-plugin GitHub repository topic.
  4. Wait until the next Sunday (UTC) for the plugins directory to sync with GitHub, and for your plugin to appear.

For example:

Screenshot of the ECR plugin GitHub repo with the Buildkite-plugin topic highlighted by a red box

Once completed, your plugin will display in the directory as pictured below:

Screenshot of ECR plugin in the Buildkite plugins directory

If you've completed the above steps and your plugin doesn't appear, send an email to and we'll investigate it for you.