Buildkite Pipelines

Create fast, secure, and reliable CI/CD with Buildkite Pipelines so you can quickly and confidently ship quality code. We provide the docs, building blocks, and extension points you'll need to build your dream CI/CD workflows. Let's get building! 🚀

Screenshot of Buildkite Pipelines dashboard

Core concepts

As you start learning to use Buildkite Pipelines, these are the essential parts to understand.

  1. Hybrid architecture

    Separating the control panel from the build environment gives you control and convenience.

  2. Pipeline steps

    Flexible configuration options let you create tailored and dynamic pipelines for your workflow.

  3. Agents

    Open-source and cross-platform build runners that run on your infrastructure.

  4. Security

    Best practices for mitigating risk and securing your build infrasturcture.

Advanced guides

Explore the building blocks you can use to optimize your CI/CD workflows for your use case.