Plugin tools

The following tools can be helpful when creating and maintaining your own Buildkite plugins:

🔨 Buildkite Plugin Tester Docker image with a number of shell testing and stubbing tools.

Buildkite Plugin Linter Linter that checks your plugin for best practices.

🐚 Buildkite Shellcheck Plugin Plugin for detecting potential problems in your hook scripts.

:terminal: Buildkite CLI Command line tool for running Buildkite pipelines entirely locally.

📝 Release Drafter A GitHub App to help draft your release notes.

🦆 Boomper A GitHub app for bumping the version numbers in your readme examples.

For help writing the JSON Schema in the configuration key of your plugin.yml file, the following resources may be useful:

:json: JSON Schema The official JSON Schema specification.

:json: JSON Schema Lint Validating your JSON schema with YAML.

:json: Understanding JSON Schema Tutorial to help understand how to write JSON Schema.