Build retention

Each Buildkite plan has a maximum build retention period. Once builds reach the retention period, their data is removed from Buildkite.

The following diagram shows the lifecycle of build data by plan.

Simplified flow chart of the build retention process

Retention periods

Plan Retention period Supports build exports
Developer/Free plan 90 days -
Open source plan 1 year -
Non-profits & charities plan 1 year -
Team plan 1 year -
Business plan 1 year -
Enterprise plan 1 year Yes

Exporting build data

📘 Enterprise feature

Exporting build data is only available on an Enterprise plan.

If you need to retain build data beyond the retention period in your Buildkite plan, you can have Buildkite export the data to a private Amazon S3 bucket. As build data is removed, Buildkite exports JSON representations of the builds to the Amazon S3 bucket you provide. To learn more, see Build exports.