Public pipelines

If you're working on an open-source project, and want the whole world to be able to see your builds, you can make your pipeline public.

Making a pipeline public provides read-only public/anonymous access to:

  • Pipeline build pages
  • Pipeline build logs
  • Pipeline build artifacts
  • Pipeline build environment config
  • Agent version and name

Make a pipeline public using the UI

Make a pipeline public in the pipeline's Settings > General page:

Public pipeline settings

Create a public pipeline using the GraphQL API

Use the following mutation in the GraphQL API to create a new public pipeline:

mutation {
  pipelineCreate(input: {
    organizationId: $organizationID,
    name: $pipelineName,
    visibility: PUBLIC,
    repository: {
      url: ""
    steps: {
      yaml: "steps:\n- command: true"
  }) {
    pipeline {
      public  # true
      visibility # PUBLIC
      organization {
        public # true