You can use Buildkite to run builds on GitLab commits.

GitLab repositories

If you host your repositories on enter your repository URL when you create your pipeline in Buildkite (for example, and follow the instructions provided on that page to set up webhooks.

GitLab Community and GitLab Enterprise editions

The earliest supported version of GitLab is 7.4.

  1. Open your Buildkite organization's Settings and choose Repository Providers.
  2. Select GitLab Community/Enterprise Edition.
  3. Select the GitLab Edition Type (Community Edition or Enterprise Edition) you want to connect to your Buildkite organization.
  4. Enter the URL to your GitLab installation (for example,
  5. You can optionally specify a list of IP addresses to restrict where builds can be triggered from. This field accepts a space separated list of networks in CIDR notation.

    Screen of Buildkite Organization GitLab Settings
  6. Select Save Settings before leaving this page.

  7. Create a new pipeline on Buildkite using your GitLab repository's URL (for example, and follow the instructions on the pipeline creation page.

Branch configuration and settings

You can edit the version control provider settings for each pipeline from the pipeline's settings page. Go to Pipelines > your specific pipeline > Settings > your Git service provider.

If you need more control over your pipeline configuration, add a pipeline.yml to your repository. Then you can use conditionals and branch filtering to configure your pipeline.

Using one repository in multiple pipelines and organizations

If you want to use the same repository in multiple pipelines (including pipelines in different Buildkite organizations), you need to configure a separate webhook for each pipeline. Follow the webhook setup instructions in the Buildkite UI. Buildkite shows you these instructions when you create the pipeline, but you can also find them in Pipeline > your specific pipeline > Settings > your Git service provider > your Git service provider's Setup Instructions.

Build skipping

You may not always want to rebuild on every commit, or branch. You can configure Buildkite to ignore individual commits or branches, or to skip builds under certain conditions.

Commit statuses

Updating commit statuses on GitLab is not supported at the moment. If you would like this feature to be added at some point, please let us know at