CCMenu & CCTray

Buildkite has support for the cctray.xml format, allowing you to feed your build status updates into desktop tools such as CCMenu, or to create build dashboards to show the status of your builds and branches.

Feed URL

You can access your organization's cc.xml feed using the URL:[organization-slug].xml?access_token=xxx

You'll need to create an API access token with scope read_builds.

Filtering by pipeline

If you want to scope to a single pipeline, add the pipeline slug to the end of the URL:[organization-slug]/[pipeline-slug].xml?access_token=xxx

For example, if your pipeline's URL is then your feed URL would be

Filtering by branch

If you want to scope the builds to a particular branch, add &branch=[branch-name] to the end of the URL. This works for organization and pipeline feeds.

For example, the following URL will provide build status updates for only the main branch of a pipeline:[organization-slug]/[pipeline-slug].xml?branch=main&access_token=xxx

CCMenu for OS X

CCTray for Windows

BuildNotify for Ubuntu

BuildReactor Google Chrome extension