Introducing our new name: Buildkite

It seems like only yesterday we launched this new site along with a shiny new logo.

On top of shipping the recent navigation changes, pipeline improvements and Slack notifications, and working on the upcoming elastic build agents, we’ve also been working on something much bigger.

From today onwards we have a new name: Buildkite.


Why the change?

As these things sometimes go, we’ve had a clash with another software company ( that has caused a lot of pain and confusion. After evaluating all possible options we decided the best course was to look for greener pastures and find a new name that will last us for decades to come. And that name is Buildkite.

What’s the new website URL?

You’re looking at it: This is the new place to find your builds, trigger deployments, and automate all the things. If you’ve got an account you’ll need to login again to get a fresh set of cookies.

What about the API?

We have a new hostname for the API: The old hostname ( will continue to be fully supported for the next 12 months.

The only difference between the two API endpoints is the host name, the actual API remains unchanged.

What about my build agents?

We haven't yet renamed our GitHub account, or buildbox-agent, but we’ll be doing so in the near future. We’ll make sure that the necessary GitHub redirects are in place, and that the current version of the agent remains available.

The next version of the agent will be called buildkite-agent, and we’ll give you full instructions for upgrading. But for the moment, there’s not a single thing you need to change.

My Slack, Hipchat and GitHub commit statuses have changed.

As you might have noticed, we’ve already updated the names we use when we post updates to your chat channels, or when we update the build status of your commits and pull requests. If something fell through the cracks, let us know!

Where do I email for support?

Our new support email is, and our Slack chat room is now at (email us for an invite—everyone’s welcome)

What else has changed?

Your invoices and credit card charges will now say Buildkite, you can find us on Twitter as @buildkite, our system status updates now live at and @buildkitestatus, and we have new set of SSL certificates.

Can I have new stickers?

Absolutely! Luckily they’re exactly the same as the current ones :) But you’re welcome to have more. Just email and we’ll pop some in the mail for you.

What’s next?

We’ve a bunch of exciting developments in the pipeline including the new elastic agents and a reworked per-project notification system for Slack, Hipchat, Flowdock, Campfire and email.