About Buildkite


We’re building tools to help the best
software teams stay happy and productive.

Our Team


Board Members

Keith Pitt


Tim Lucas


Ashley Smith

Jean-Michel Lemieux

Our Values


We default to working in the open, allowing everyone to understand context and contribute. We’re open about both our strengths and weaknesses.


We think developers need high-quality tools to build amazing products. We take the time to create things with high levels of design, utility, and support.


We believe diversity of experience leads to better solutions, and creates more sustainable cultures. The tools we build must be accessible to people of all abilities and backgrounds.


We are majority owned by employees, and funded by our local developer community. We own our destiny, and build long term relationships with our customers.


We believe empathy towards each other, customers and the community, creates the best environment for learning, change and inclusivity.


Our platform is a story that is always being written, and we encourage contributions from outside the Buildkite team. We actively support and collaborate with other organizations to better our industry, and the world.

Sustainable Growth

We believe that great companies grow sustainably, respect life outside work, maintain a healthy culture, and limit their impact on the environment.

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