About Us

Buildkite creates the best automation and collaboration tools for building and shipping software.


  1. Keith

    Keith Pitt (aka @keithpitt) gave up a career in magic to pursue software development, leading a number of large software development teams across Australia. When he’s not creating pull requests, refining Buildkite’s systems and exploring the latest software development tools you can find him watching B-grade horror movies and planning his search for the world’s best burger.

  2. Tim

    Tim Lucas (aka @toolmantim) has lead product design and front-end development for companies big and small. When he’s not refining Buildkite’s marketing and web UI or espousing the merits of SVG you can find him climbing rock walls and reviewing Melbourne’s filter coffee scene.

  3. Sam

    Sam Cochran (aka @sj26) enjoys removing more code than he writes. When he’s not crafting red code diffs and sneaking puns into Buildkite’s microcopy, you’ll find him digging around in his garden, knitting a scarf and rehearsing lines for a play.

  4. Jess

    Jessica Stokes (aka @ticky) is rad and makes rad software. When she’s not reverse engineering those spam emails with malicous javascript attachments, you can find her on a never ending quest to find Melbourne’s best vegetarian ramen.

  5. Harriet

    Harriet Lawrence (aka @harrietgl) is Buildkite’s resident linguist. When she’s not crafting exciting ways to describe new Buildkite features, you’ll find her hanging out in bouldering gyms, or with her nose in a book.

  6. Lachlan

    Lachlan Donald (aka @lox) has helped technical teams grow and build great products all over the world. When he’s not writing goroutines, Lachlan can be found cooking breakfast with his daughter and scrolling the #llamas tag on Instagram.


  1. Matt

    Matt Allen (aka @mattallen) is a business mentor and trusted advisor, and has been president of Ruby Australia. When he’s not demonstrating his Tesla’s crazy acceleration he runs the team at Lookahead Search in Melbourne and advises new technology companies.

Contact Us

For support, press enquiries, or to practice your emoji ✨ send an email to hello@buildkite.com

Logo, Brand Resources and Media Kit

You can download the Buildkite Media Pack (1.7MB zip file) containing versions of our logo, screenshots and text you can use when referring to Buildkite. If you need something else simply send an email to hello@buildkite.com and we’ll help you out.


If you want one of our triple sticker packs all you have to do is email your name, address and how many to gimmestickers@buildkite.com.

Sticker pack