Workflows for AI/ML

Experiment, deploy, evaluate, repeat

Operationalize your AI/ML workflows across every team, at any scale. World-class teams standardize on Buildkite to boost productivity.

Control compute costs

Avoid unexpected GPU compute expenses by automating governance controls and checkpoints.

Pipeline visuals with a confirmation step before proceeding and unnecessary steps skipped.

Buildkite supports non-linear workflows, letting you adjust pipelines at runtime. This means you can optimize compute dynamically by only running what you need for each step in experiments. Automate what you can, and pause execution when you want to inspect the output and decide how to proceed.

  1. Robust workflow controls out-of-the-box, including options to block, retry, inspect results, provide inputs, and resume.
  2. Right-size compute by matching workflow steps to the appropriate hardware.
  3. Run on hardware you control—cloud platforms, on-premises, or your local machine.

Never share your data

Don't let a third-party company access the hard-earned data that backs your AI models.

Image showing your models and source code stored securely from unauthorized access

Buildkite’s hybrid architecture lets you adopt the security posture you need without compromising speed or user experience. With self-hosted agents, you control the build environment, and Buildkite has no access to your models, source code, or secrets.

  1. Retain control of your models and data with self-hosted agents.
  2. SOC 2 Type II compliant SaaS control plane.
  3. Bake in security and environment checks through the pipeline lifecycle.

Maintain a hardware advantage

Stay ahead with the freedom to use the latest hardware, technologies, and approaches.

Visual displaying a range of technologies and Buildkite agents

In an emerging field like AI/ML, moving fast is critical. Buildkite’s cross-platform agent is lightweight and can be used anywhere. Run the agent on the latest hardware as soon as it’s available rather than waiting for a SaaS solution to update.

  1. Run agents on any platform or cloud.
  2. Quickly experiment with new approaches to get ahead of changes in the field.
  3. Update the build environment on your schedule.

Unify research and engineering

Tame the chaos of model delivery today to prepare for 10× tomorrow.

With more models on the horizon, Buildkite’s flexible primitives let you consolidate workflows for efficient delivery across all teams. See the magic happen when research and engineering teams collaborate to blend cutting-edge research methodologies with industry-leading software delivery practices.

  1. Create a common delivery language to make collaboration smooth between specialties.
  2. Pave golden paths so that any team can operationalize their work.
  3. Work together to automate the flow of data, code, models, and applications across any compute, workflow, or scale.

Key features

Dynamic pipelines

Dynamic pipelines let you customize pipeline steps on the fly to reduce run times and react to changing scenarios—from adding new steps to triggering different pipelines. All with logic you write in your programming language of choice (yes, Python! 🐍).


Annotations highlight key information in custom blocks so developers can quickly understand the situation, such as training result summaries, graphs of codebase analyses, and links to model artifacts.

Unified dashboard

Unified dashboard to monitor, control, and visualize all your pipelines from one place. Take action from metrics that show the health and performance of your pipelines.

Trusted by innovators, built for reliability

  1. SOC 2 Type II compliant.
  2. Audit logs.
  3. Multi-level permissions to control access.
  4. REST and GraphQL APIs.
  5. SSO, SAML, and 2FA.


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