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Engineer & Senior Engineer - Pipelines self-serve

Build tools for the best
software teams in the world.

About The Role

We’re looking for an Engineer and Senior Full Stack Engineer to help us build and shape dev tools, to unblock every developer on the planet. You’ll be joining the Pipelines self-serve team, our mission is to build a best in class product-led growth machine that helps developers get started and fall in love with Buildkite. We do this by streamlining our signup and onboarding process, allowing developers to self-serve by surfacing relevant use-cases and examples, using generative AI for a tailored experience, building tools that help developers have a successful CI experience, and much more.

You'll also collaborate across Buildkite's product engineering teams, experiencing and helping on all aspects of how Buildkite delivers the best CI/CD experience to our customers.

On a typical day, you could be...

  • Shaping and pitching new features and experiments.

  • Pairing or working independently on an upcoming feature or fix.

  • Collaborating with team mates to come to a mutual understanding of what you're building.

  • Prioritising features as appropriate for the stage of the product.

  • Exercising pragmatism in technical decisions and implementation.

  • Providing feedback on pull requests or responding to feedback left for you.

  • Adding features on the backend of our Ruby on Rails (majestic) monolith, which embraces PostgreSQL for the database, and Rails HTML views, TypeScript, React, GraphQL and Relay for the frontend.

  • Working on features that sit at the intersection between marketing and product.

  • Building a deep understanding of various CI systems and the DevOps ecosystem.

  • Watching customer call recordings or joining in on customer research.

  • Jumping on video calls with your teammates to discuss and solve problems. Or just to say hi!

Skills and experience we like..

  • Love solving problems, through collaboration with your cross-functional team, creating experiments, analysing data, and building fit-for-purpose solutions with the end user front and centre of your mind.

  • Comfortable bouncing ideas around in FigJam sessions with your PM and designer, bringing new ideas into design critiques and prototyping engineering solutions.

  • Compelled to add that bit of sparkle and polish, happier when it's pixel perfect and when an interaction feels just right.

  • Experience working inside a product-led growth team and developing technology products.

  • Comfortable launching experimental features and taking an iterative approach to their development.

  • Confident in your knowledge of Ruby on Rails and the surrounding ecosystem.

  • Confident in your knowledge of TypeScript, React and the surrounding ecosystem.

  • Some experience with configuring modern CI platforms and modern dev tooling.

  • Some experience with relational databases at scale, particularly PostgreSQL.

  • Some experience with LLMs and generative AI.

  • Deeply understanding a problem and its potential solutions and tradeoffs, and being able to share this understanding with peers and create consensus

  • Believe in quality code, knowing how to balance your high standards with the problems you are solving and external constraints.

  • Strong communicator that values empathy and kindness when articulating your ideas and feelings when writing or speaking.

  • You know how to tackle critiquing others' code positively and productively, and receiving the same sort of feedback.

  • Comfortable working remotely, and sharing process that help you work remotely.

Aus $150,000 | $162,500 | $175,000

NZ $160,000 | $175,000 | $190,000

LocationAustralia and New Zealand
Role TypePermanent

About Us

We build tools to help the best software teams stay happy and productive. We’ve rethought how CI/CD should work and have built a platform that is fast, reliable, secure, and is able to scale to the needs of the most demanding high-growth tech companies including Shopify, Pinterest, Wayfair, Cruise, PagerDuty, Culture Amp, and Canva.

Buildkite is a differently shaped company that values work-life balance and supports staff to work the ways that make sense for them. From the beginning, our goal has been to build a company that is people-centered, supportive and just a little bit weird 💚

To Apply

We have some details at this link which you can fill in. You don’t need to complete every section, just send through any link or document you’re proud of that helps us understand your skillset. This doesn’t have to be a resume, but it can be. There’s also a section to write some words about you and why this role interests you if you like.

If you have any questions or if you’d like to find out more about working at Buildkite, please email

Why Apply?

Small team, global impact

We believe small companies are beautiful, and that small teams can achieve big things. This makes everyone on the team an important part of Buildkite.

Flexible work hours

We don’t keep set office hours, so you can shift your hours around life’s commitments and non-work activities. Take time out of work for exercise, family or whatever life throws at you.

Support and growth

In a small but growing company, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, and ship work that helps customers.

Work from anywhere

We’re a globally distributed company, and all our work happens remotely. Work from your home office, a co-working space, or your local cat café.


Learning & development

Invest in your personal and professional development with a yearly budget to spend on travel, conferences, workshops, courses, and books.

Health cover

We’ll make sure that you and your family have access to comprehensive health and hospital cover, no matter which country you live in.

Parental leave

Take time out to set up a new family, with 6 months of paid leave if you’re the primary carer, and 3 months if you’re secondary. You can use it flexibly, change between primary and secondary, and take the same leave for a still birth. We also keep paying super/401k for 6 months if you take unpaid leave.

Home office & coworking

Set yourself up with a great work environment, either at home or in a co-working space. With a budget for a desk and chair, and a new computer as well as any other tech, we’ll get you ready to work effectively in your environment. Even if you choose to work from home you will have access to a co-working budget for the days you want to connect with your wider community.

Wellness & paid time off

Take care of your health and wellbeing away from the screen, with 6 weeks of paid leave per year, the ability to take time out of work for fitness, and a yearly budget to spend on things like yoga, climbing, personal training, or a day at the zoo.

Working at Buildkite has given me the freedom to grow and flourish in all aspects of my life, personally and professionally. I’m proud to be a part of such a passionate and supportive team.
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Some of the team on a Zoom video call.

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If you’ve got any questions or issues with the application process, please let us know.