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Work at Buildkite

Build tools for the best
software teams in the world.

Small team, global impact

We believe small companies are beautiful, and that small teams can achieve big things. This makes everyone on the team an important part of Buildkite.

Flexible work hours

We don’t keep set office hours, so you can shift your hours around life’s commitments and non-work activities. Take time out of work for exercise, family or whatever life throws at you.

Support and growth

In a small but growing company, you’ll have the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, and ship work that helps customers.

Work from anywhere

We’re a globally distributed, remote-first company, and all our work happens over chat and video calls. Work from your home office, a co-working space, or your local cat café.

Working at Buildkite has given me the freedom to grow and flourish in all aspects of my life, personally and professionally. I’m proud to be a part of such a passionate and supportive team.
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Our Values

Buildkite’s values guide our priorities, products, hiring, the way we treat our customers, and the way we treat each other. You can read all about them on our about page.

  1. Bring the weird
  2. Be real with each other
  3. Empower others
  4. Maintain momentum
  5. Build it together


Learning & development

Invest in your personal and professional development with a yearly budget to spend on travel, conferences, workshops, courses, and books.

Health cover

We’ll make sure that you and your family have access to comprehensive health and hospital cover, no matter which country you live in.

Parental leave

Take time out to set up a new family, with 6 months of paid leave if you’re the primary carer, and 3 months if you’re secondary. You can use it flexibly, change between primary and secondary, and take the same leave for a still birth. We also keep paying super/401k for 6 months if you take unpaid leave.

Home office & coworking

Set yourself up with a great work environment, either at home or in a co-working space. With a budget for a desk and chair, and a new computer as well as any other tech, we’ll get you ready to work effectively in your environment. Even if you choose to work from home you will have access to a co-working budget for the days you want to connect with your wider community.

Wellness & paid time off

Take care of your health and wellbeing away from the screen, with 6 weeks of paid leave per year, the ability to take time out of work for fitness, and a yearly budget to spend on things like yoga, climbing, personal training, or a day at the zoo.

Typical Application Process

Most roles follow this process:

Submit an application
First step is submitting an application.
Recruiter Screen
The recruiter screen is like a first check where the recruiter looks at whether the candidate’s qualifications match the job and if they could be a good fit.
Craft Interview
The Craft Interview serves a twofold purpose. Firstly, it enables you to meet our team members, establish meaningful connections, and gain an initial impression of life at Buildkite. Secondly, it offers our interviewers insights into your work execution. We’ll be talking through your examples that showcase your capabilities across four key competencies:
  • Productivity
  • Team Player
  • Customer Obsessed
  • Curiosity
Technical Interview
In the Technical Interview, the questions are finely tuned to match the specific role. This means we’re interested in hearing about your hands-on experiences and insights that directly relate to the tasks and responsibilities you’ll be taking on at Buildkite. Be prepared to share role-specific stories and examples that highlight your expertise and demonstrate how effectively you can excel in the position. In addition, your Technical Interview might also include a task that’s closely aligned with the role’s demands.
Values Interview
The Values Interview is designed to unveil your compatibility with our vibrant culture and values. We will invite you to showcase your individuality, embrace open communication, thrive in collaboration, empower those around you, and exhibit your commitment to sustained progress. The interview will concentrate around our values, to help you get to know the culture at Buildkite and what you could contribute to continue to build our culture.
As you reach the end of your interview journey with Buildkite, we’ll make sure to let you know the outcome as soon as we can. Since we’re a remote company, we’ll mostly be in touch via email. Our goal is for every candidate to have a great experience, and we understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned but we want to make sure your journey was worth it! You may get sent a candidate experience feedback form at the end of the process to help us improve your experience even more.

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