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Buildkite Pipelines:CI/CD you can tune for enterprise-grade speed, scale, and security

Break free from constraints and optimize your CI/CD to work how you want. Get the freedom and control you’re missing with Buildkite Pipeline’s flexible building blocks and hybrid architecture.

Hybrid architecture:Your compute, our orchestration

We’ll sing it from the rooftops if need be: CI/CD is faster, safer, and cheaper when you control the compute.

Buildkite pioneered the hybrid approach to CI/CD—separating a SaaS control panel and self-hosted runners. You set up the runners (agents) on your infrastructure, on-premises or in the cloud. Buildkite manages the control panel, dispatching work as it appears.

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Architecture diagram showing the Buildkite platform and your infrastructure

Full control

You own the build environment and configure the agents running there, so you can fine-tune them to suit your needs—speed, cost, risk reduction, it’s up to you.

Dashboard view

Monitor, control, and visualize all your pipelines in one place with Buildkite’s intuitive web app. Take action from metrics that show the health and performance of your pipelines.

Match compute to workflow

Dedicate more and faster agents to pipelines with heavy workloads. Use smaller, cheaper agents for less important tasks.

Test where you deploy

Don’t get caught out by unexpected errors in an environment you can’t see or control. Run your tests in an environment matching production.

Time well spent

Spend your time customizing the build environment, not keeping the controller running. That’s where your team shines.

Support for any scale

Continue tweaking your setup with thoughtful tools and guides as you scale. Because the best version of your setup today will be different in a year from now, but Buildkite supports both.

Transparent compute

There’s no black box, no unknown magic, and no infrastructure you can’t tinker with.

Comprehensive APIs

Retrieve data and update Buildkite’s control panel through REST, GraphQL, and webhooks.

Faster:You set the speed

With all the cloud resources in the world, why wait for a build to begin?

By giving you full control over the build environment and runners, you decide how fast you want your builds to run. Buildkite keeps things flexible and extensible so that platform limitations won't block your performance goals.

Learn more about defining pipelines

Average time builds spend in queue

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With Buildkite

Watch ‘6 Challenges Wix Faced While Building a Super CI Pipeline’ on YouTube

6 Challenges Wix Faced While Building a Super CI Pipeline


Fine tune performance

Eliminate excessive network costs and underutilized, expensive, and inefficient compute.

Check the metrics

Act on insights from Buildkite to improve build times, agent availability, and wait times.

Iterate locally

Experiment with changes locally before updating the pipeline for others.

Tailor pipelines for each build

Don’t write thousands of lines of YAML to account for every possible condition. Create a maintainable system that only uploads necessary steps for each run—no more wasted cycles.

Scale your runners

You control the number of agents available for a pipeline. Keep a pool ready to go, or spin up as needed, and customize the time between work appearing and work starting.

Streamline workflows

Run agents in parallel, prioritize certain tasks to always run first, create concurrency groups, and use dependencies to eliminate unnecessary waiting. There’s an approach for every scale.

Safer:Secure by design

You can’t leak sensitive data when you don’t have access to it—and Buildkite never does.

Pipelines run in your build environment on agents you configure, all within your security perimeter. The agents access your source code, run builds, and report the results to Buildkite. Buildkite never needs access to your source code, secrets, or internal systems. You can even check out the agent code yourself—it’s open source.

Learn more about security

  • Lock down runners.

    Deeply integrated lifecycle hooks let you restrict the build environment and what agents can do. For full enterprise-grade security, adopt a zero-trust posture.

  • Build on sensible defaults.

    With Buildkite’s hybrid architecture, security is baked in. You’re always in control.

  • Set granular permissions.

    Protect your data by integrating SSO. Set boundaries at any level—organization, team, pipeline, user—to ensure people can access what they need, and no more.

  • Shh... an Easter Egg image of Frodo from Lord of the Rings saying "All right then. Keep your secrets"

    Keep your secrets.

    We don’t think you should be giving out your deploy secrets. Keep them in a best-in-class secret management tool, then access them in your build environment through direct integrations. Secrets don’t go through Buildkite.

  • Integrate on your terms.

    Don’t open your firewall for us to pull information from your systems. We don’t need it. And you don’t need us to have it. Instead, use our extensive APIs and Webhooks to build the integrations you need to fit your tools and workflows. Or use an integration from our plugin ecosystem.

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