Buildkite Packages

Packages as they should be: Reliable. Fast. Secure.

Create, store, and share all your artifacts with our new product that simplifies package management: Buildkite Packages.

Supports all major package formats

Built-in support for NPM, Apt, Maven, RPM, RubyGems, PyPI, Helm, Alpine, and Docker with even more coming in 2024.

Let us be “on-call” for packages

Our hybrid approach of splitting storage from orchestration gives you all the security benefits of an On-Prem setup in the Cloud.

Command-line friendly

We’re extending support of the Buildkite CLI with repository and package management features.

Usage reporting your manager will love

Want to know when the last time a package was downloaded and by who? We’ve got a report for that. We track every upload and download, giving you detailed reporting and usage analysis.

Don’t trust upstream

Point your applications at mirrors of upstream registries giving you a single place to monitor all dependencies in and out of your codebase. Export organization-wide SBOMs making auditors and security teams happy.

Works with any CI/CD Platform

Push packages from your existing tooling using API keys or OIDC.

Share packages with others

Allow the community or your customers to download your packages by making repositories public. Attach a custom domain name to brand the download experience.

Enterprise support and migrations team

We’ll help you switch from legacy systems with our dedicated migrations team. Includes SLAs and a shared Slack channel

RBAC that syncs with SSO

Apply granular access controls and permissions to limit who can manage and distribute packages. Restrict access with SSO, 2FA, SCIM. SOC2 Type II compliant.

Private Storage Link

Store packages in your own cloud account, to enhance compliance and control. Link AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, or Microsoft Azure, and we’ll save your packages there.

Registry indexing built for speed

Stop waiting hours for legacy systems to index your registries. By the time you’ve uploaded your package and grabbed a coffee, everything will be ready to go.

Packages Pricing:Simplify your package management

We make it easy to create, store, and share all your artifacts


$149 /month

For small teams:

50GB Included (Indexed + Distributed)


Starting at $1.10/GB

Private Storage Link
Universal Package Support
Unlimited Users & Registries
Private Registries


$749 /month

Full features from Pro plan, plus:

250GB Included (Indexed + Distributed)


Starting at $1.00/GB

Remote Dependency Mirroring
Arbitrary (Any) Files
Large Package Size (>0.5GB)
24/7 Email Support
SSO (GitHub, Google)



Everything in Team plan, plus:

2.5TB Included (Indexed + Distributed)

Branded Endpoints
Virtual Registries
Software Provenance
License Checks
Threat Scanning
Audit Logging
Add-on SLA, Slack Channel & High-touch Support available