Built for Enterprise

Buildkite Enterprise provides the reliability
and features you need for delivering software at scale.


Architected for scale.

Buildkite’s architecture uses modern scaling techniques, such as horizontal scaling and auto-scaling, to help you support massive engineering growth. And with Buildkite’s cloud agnostic design, you’re free to take advantage of new cloud platform features as they emerge, or even transition smoothly between cloud and compute platforms (including private cloud, and bare metal hardware).

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Your data is our top priority.

Buildkite provides clear platform boundaries where your security requirements can be enforced. The open-source buildkite-agent can be version controlled, audited, and locked down based on your requirements. And all source code stays behind your own firewall. See our Security page for more details on our policies.

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Consider us your Build Ops team.

Get the support you need. Your team has live chat access to engineers via a shared Slack channel, a monthly call with a dedicated account manager, and pager access for undetected platform faults.

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Exclusively on Buildkite Enterprise

All of Buildkite’s standard features,
with additional levels of security and support.

Private Consultations

Regular consultation with our Engineering and Account Management team. Help your team stay up to date with best practices and learn what features and developments are coming soon.

Access Control and Teams

Manage permissions and teams with fine grained access control. And provide your organization with a default team for easy open sharing. Also available on the standard plan.

Audit Logging

Available only on the Enterprise plan, audit logging keeps a record of actions taken by users across your organization. The log can be explored via the web, or exported via the GraphQL API.

Reporting and Visibility

Buildkite’s centralized platform gives you insight across your entire company’s engineering, and the GraphQL API allows you to easily create your own internal tools and metrics.

Premium Enterprise Support Options

The scaleable base platform, with the additional support and training you need for running secure, mission-critical workloads on Buildkite.

24/7 Emergency Pager

Our standard technical support is during business hours, but with Premium Enterprise Support you get access to 24/7 help for emergency issues.

Live Chat Support

Premium Enterprise Support includes a dedicated private chat channel and guaranteed response times for high priority issues.

Professional Services

Work directly with our Engineering and Account Management team, engaging them to advise or support design and delivery of your Buildkite projects.

99.95% Uptime SLA

We understand that when your CI is down, your team can’t work. We offer an uptime SLA on our key components, along with monitoring and alerting for your team.

Support SLA

A 24/7 30-minute production support SLA for any Critical or Major issues.

Technical Account Manager

Work with a dedicated Technical Account Manager, who'll help you get up and running and check in regularly to make sure you're getting the most out of your Buildkite setup.


Get access to in-house training sessions, provided by Buildkite experts, to help get your people up to speed.

Case Studies


Software - 300 engineers

Intercom is a live chat system for support, sales, and marketing teams that allows businesses to track and filter customer data; this data can be used to create personalized, automated marketing emails and in-app messages. With Buildkite, Intercom has full confidence that they can ship extremely fast and efficiently because they’ve got full control over the infrastructure.

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4000000Job minutes per month
85%Reduction in test times


Software - 300 users

Pagerduty is the leader in digital operations management with more than 13,000 customers worldwide who rely on its platform to keep their own digital services running. Its platform helps clients identify issues and opportunities in real time and bring together the right people to fix problems faster and prevent them in the future.

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99%Of production builds pass through Buildkite
1000000Builds Jan–Oct 2023

REA Group

Ecommerce - 700 engineers

REA Group is a multinational digital advertising business specializing in property. Moving to Buildkite from a mix of different build systems, REA was able to significantly decrease their maintenance costs, more easily adopt best practices across all their teams, and make full use of their AWS and Docker expertise.

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120000Builds per month
80%Reduction in team setup time


Ecommerce - 3300 engineers

Shopify is a global ecommerce platform serving hundreds of millions of shoppers. Switching to Buildkite allowed Shopify to reduce their core application’s build times to under 5 minutes, supported an engineering team growth of 300%, and helped to smoothly transition from AWS to Google Cloud.

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8000Active pipelines
300000000Jobs Jan-Oct 2023

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