Migrate from Bamboo to Buildkite

Moving from Bamboo to Buildkite has given us the benefits of secure, on-premise build agents with the ease of not having to manage databases and main nodes—and our build configurations are part of our code, so they’re portable. So much easier!

— Colin Panisset, Global Infrastructure Lead, REA Group

Eight Things You’ll Love About Buildkite

Unlimited parallelization at no extra cost

Elastically scale your build jobs from 1 up to many thousands of agents. Buildkite’s agent architecture gives you the power to increase the productivity of your entire software testing and delivery process.

No central server to maintain

There’s no central server you have to run and maintain—Buildkite agents are lightweight, easy to manage, and run on any platform. Create shared build infrastructure, or allow each team the freedom to orchestrate CI and CD pipelines based on their needs.'

Powerful pipeline support

Configure automated and manual pipelines for Dockerized applications, mobile builds, and existing legacy and on-premise environments. Pipelines can run test scripts, perform deployments, pause for manual intervention, and trigger dependent pipelines; all while taking advantage of a distributed artifact and key-value store.

Seamlessly support both old and new projects

Buildkite’s agents run in almost any environment new or old; Linux, Mac, Windows, virtualized environments, cloud machines, and on-premise. Any toolchain and IDE can be used, so you can have a single place for both legacy systems and exciting new projects.

Increased developer happiness

Beautiful, live-updating web UI, modular tools that fit with existing workflows and best-practices, and a complete REST and GraphQL API for scripting, automation and chatops control. And with a continously improving and responsive build platform you can ensure your teams stay agile and can take advantage of the latest tools.

Integration with your existing tools

Buildkite tightly integrates with BitBucket including pull requests, build status and git-flow, has flexible HipChat notifications, and integrates with other SCM platforms and services for seamless migrations.

Platform agnostic & secure by default

Buildkite has integrated support for Amazon EC2, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, Docker and OS X, but you’re free to run agents on own platforms or systems of choice. And Buildkite’s architecture is secure by default—source code never leaves your network.

Fast and reliable mobile pipelines

As mobile becomes increasingly important so does the speed and reliability of your mobile delivery pipelines. Buildkite lets your scale up your mobile builds using both on-site machines and fleets of managed servers. If a pre-release SDK or OS becomes available you can be up and running with automated builds within minutes.

REA Group

Ecommerce - 700 engineers

REA Group is a multinational digital advertising business specializing in property. Moving to Buildkite from a mix of different build systems, REA was able to significantly decrease their maintenance costs, more easily adopt best practices across all their teams, and make full use of their AWS and Docker expertise.

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120000Builds per month
80%Reduction in team setup time


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