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From community projects to industry leaders, Buildkite is the CI/CD of choice for open-source software. Buildkite supports the open-source community with code contributions, donations, and a free plan.

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Bazel logo


Bazel is an open-source project for building and testing software quickly and reliably. Industry leaders like Google, Stripe, and Dropbox use it to optimize their builds and scale projects. It supports projects of any size and works with monorepo and multi-repo architectures.

With a growing and active community, new contributions are continually adding support for different languages and platforms.

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Elastic logo


Elastic provides search-powered solutions to top companies like Uber, Slack, and Microsoft. Their products are free to use, their code is public, and their development processes are transparent.

Initially founded as an open-source project, Elasticsearch became what it is today by working in the open. Since day one, their community and customers have been able to contribute to Elastic code, modifying it to suit their use cases and environments.

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Uber logo


Open-source software underpins much of Uber’s technology stack, powering rideshare, food delivery, and more. They actively build and contribute to projects from React component libraries to AI and deep learning. Many of their open-source projects are adopted by leading companies.

Uber chooses to develop projects in the open to support engineering economics, talent acquisition and retention, and industry alignment.

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Rails logo


Rails is a full-stack framework for web development. It ships with all the tools needed to build web apps on both the front and back end.

Over the past two decades, Rails has helped countless companies serve millions of users. Over six thousand people have contributed code to Rails, and many more have served the community through evangelism, documentation, and bug reports.

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PlanetScale logo


The database for developers.

Ray Project logo

Ray Project

A unified framework for scaling AI and Python applications.

Wix logo


Cloud-based web development services.

Firecracker microVM logo

Firecracker microVM

Secure and fast microVMs for serverless computing.

Intel logo


Multi-national computing technology company.

Explosion logo


Developer tools for AI and NLP.

gVisor logo


An application kernel from Google.

Authelia logo


A single sign-on multi-factor portal for web apps.

Solana Labs logo

Solana Labs

Products and tools for the Solana blockchain ecosystem.

Earthly logo


A CI/CD framework that runs pipelines in containers.

LLVM logo


Modular and reusable compiler and toolchain technologies.

Horovod logo


A distributed deep learning training framework for TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, and Apache MXNet.

Temporal logo


A platform for building scalable applications forked from Uber's Cadence.

Sorbet logo


A static type checker for Ruby.

RisingWave logo


A streaming database using SQL to enhance real-time data analysis.

Chef logo


An automation platform for infrastructure as code.

Gusto logo


Payroll and benefits for employees and contractors.

Near logo


Infrastructure for serverless applications and smart contracts powered by a blockchain.

Materialize logo


The data warehouse for operational workloads.

Prysmatic logo


A Golang implementation of the Ethereum Consensus specification.

CLiMA logo


NASA, MIT, and Caltech's software for climate modeling.

rust-vmm logo


A set of ioctls for configuring VMs on Linux.

System Initiative logo

System Initiative

A collaborative tool designed to remove papercuts from DevOps.

Dlang logo


The reference compiler for the D programming language.