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Test Analytics

Identify, track
and fix problematic tests

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Flaky test identification
See which tests are most disruptive to continuous deployments, with automatic flaky test identification and analysis over time.
Speed & reliability monitoring
Receive alerts when
slow tests are introduced, so you can ensure your builds stay fast, and you’re not wasting compute resources.
Deep performance analysis
Integration with your
test framework and programming language means you get in-depth performance analysis, such as identifying external dependency bottlenecks.
Real-time results
No waiting 24hrs for results — see your test suite run in real-time,
get immediate performance insights, set up alerts, and get results.

Adding tests is easy mode —
it’s fixing and removing them that’s hard.

What’s slowing down
our builds?
Understand your test performance over time, from the whole suite to the individual tests, and find out exactly what changed and when.
Why are main branch builds suddenly failing?
Create alerts for changes in runtime and reliability, and detect problems before they affect the team. Alerting history attached to individual tests allows anyone to quickly investigate build failures.

Bugs in your test suite aren’t
just painful, they’re complex.

Quickly spot bottlenecks
and wasted compute
Are your tests slow because of an SQL query, API call, or something else? Get per-test performance breakdowns across multiple test runs, helping you find and fix the underlying problem.
Stream data in real time
from any CI system
Integration with your test suite allows real time analysis from any CI system, with quick links to affected builds, historical runs, and trend graphs.

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