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Real-time test tracking

Identify wasted compute, improve reliability, and deploy with confidence using Buildkite Test Analytics, an observability platform for your test suites.

Works with any CI/CD platform

Deep Performance analysis

Get automatic tracing across your test suite, deeply integrated with your programming language and test framework.

Find and fix flaky tests

Quickly identify which tests are the most disruptive for your team, and get a head-start on fixing them.

Speed and reliability monitoring

Configure speed and reliability monitors to identify problems as soon as they occur.

Build with the DevOps system used by the best engineering teams in the world

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Works with any CI/CD platform

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Test Analytics has increased our reliability rate by 20% just by understanding where the biggest problems are for our test suite
Headshot of Shawn Shaligram
Shawn ShaligramStaff Test Engineer ICM, Lyft

Adding tests is easy—fixing and
removing tests is hard

Speed up builds:Identify your slowest tests

Buildkite integrates seamlessly with other developer tools and platforms, or craft your perfect process with APIs and Webhooks.

Reduce interruptions:Eliminate flaky tests

Eliminate wasteful job , and avoid costly interruptions to main branch builds.

Measure and improve:Define speed and reliability targets

Spot problems early, and keep CI compute costs under control by configuring alerts for speed and reliability.

Diagnose Problems:Deep tracing and instrumentation

Automatic tracing helps you see why tests are slow or behaving differently between executions.

See Test Analytics in action

See how Test Analytics integrates with your testing framework and helps you identify issues.

How it works

Test Analytics integrates with your test runner to provide in-depth information about your tests in real time.

Use our provided RSpec, Jest, and Swift collectors, or easily implement your own. Learn more →

Try Test Analytics for free

Works with any CI/CD platform

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I don’t know if it’s their agent daemon, their web UI or something else, but Buildkite’s real-time logs are so much more responsive than anything else out there.
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JP SimardiOS, Lyft


Read the detailed documentation about how it works and how to set it up with your application.

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