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Buildkite’s Transition to ARM

The early results are in, and it looks like Apple’s new lineup of M1 Macs are living up to the promise of higher performance using less power.

Introducing Buildkite’s macOS CI managed service

We are excited to announce an early access program for our macOS agents managed service, providing the first scalable CI platform for Mac and iOS development.
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Your First Four Weeks at Buildkite will be Weird

At Buildkite, we’ve tried to create a system that naturally allows new team members to feel as comfortable as they can as quickly as they can without rushing. It’s a process that I, along with my colleague Ben Christensen, designed at the request of Buildkite’s founders. When we were presented with the opportunity, I initially had only one question: Can it be weird?

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Our Expanded GitHub Integration

Announcing a range of features that deepen the integration between Buildkite and GitHub, simplifying the path for running fast, secure, and scalable pipelines.
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Concurrency Gates

Concurrency gates allow many of our customers — often bigger organizations with really large builds — to run multiple pipelines while stopping other tasks happening outside of that context until those things are finished.
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