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Monash University uses Buildkite in COVID-19 modelling

We caught up with the team at the Epidemiological Modelling Unit at Monash University's School of Publich Health and Preventitive Medicine to discuss

UnblockConf ‘21 — it’s a wrap!

5 technical presentations, 9 deep dive technical webinars, 2 product keynotes, and all with a sprinkling of fun. See what happened at UnblockConf  ‘21.
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AWS Graviton Ready

Buildkite is now an official AWS Graviton Ready Partner 🎉 Full support for Graviton2 (C6g) instances is available now in the Elastic CI Stack for AWS, with Graviton3 (C7g) support coming soon.
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Announcing UnblockConf '21

Announcing our inaugural 3 day developer conference for teams implementing CI/CD at scale.
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Announcing Buildkite Test Analytics: identify, track and fix problematic tests

Identify problems in your delivery pipelines earlier than ever, understand what’s slowing down your builds, and set speed and reliability targets for your team.
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