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Linting the Buildkite Docs

Making the Buildkite docs more inclusive using automatic tests run on Buildkite 🛠 These linters won't fix your docs for you, but they will tell you where to fix them yourself

Telling the world about Buildkite

Our customers have often said to us that we’re the best-kept secret in the DevOps space. While humbling, being a best-kept secret is something we consider to be more of a bug than a feature 😀
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The all new Buildkite Shop

Starting today, you can now grab yourself a screen printed Buildkite tee or vinyl sticker from our new online store. We can’t wait to start shipping you some stickers and tees. Head to and order yourself some 💥
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Control layout and styling in Build Annotations

Buildkite’s Build Annotations let you add your own info to the top of build pages and notification emails using the buildkite-agent annotate sub-command. Generate and display coverage information, embed screenshots of test failures, visualize your dependency packages, link to a deployment, or point people to a file you’ve uploaded somewhere—the sky’s the limit 🌌
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Announcing Buildkite Agent v3.0

The Buildkite Agent is one of the most important pieces of Buildkite—it runs on your machine and infrastructure, and allows you to massively scale your builds whilst keeping control of performance and security. After two years of development and testing (and forty three betas!) we’re proud to announce that Buildkite Agent v3 has now been released as stable. ✨🚀
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