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Ephemeral macOS builds with Buildkite, Nix, and Tailscale

Luc Perkins on March 1, 2023Developer relations engineer — Determinate Systems
Determinate Systems are working to make Nix easier for everyone, and part of their mission is to make it as easy to use on macOS as Linux. Learn more about their work, their CI needs, and how they've architected their macOS builds.

Unifying the Buildkite experience, visually

Buzz on February 22, 2023Principal Designer — Buildkite
As we expand our product footprint, including adding to Pipelines and Test Analytics, and looking to the future, it's become important to make some visual changes to unify the Buildkite experience.

Using GitHub's pull request merge queue in your pipelines

Mel Kaulfuss on February 14, 2023Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite
GitHub recently announced the public beta of their much-anticipated pull request merge queue. In this post, you'll learn how to use it in your Buildkite pipelines.

Unblock '22 Recap

Laci Texter on December 20, 2022Lead Brand Marketing Manager — Buildkite
Unblock '22 — A quick look back + links to all the Talk videos

How to build CI/CD pipelines dynamically

Buildkite on December 15, 2022
A CI/CD pipeline is a powerful workflow for releasing software updates quickly and precisely–though sometimes, you need more than a static, one-size-fits-all approach. This article will cover dynamic pipelines, and how to create them easily.
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