Message Themes for Slack Notifications

You can now choose a Slack message theme with a little more ✨ 🐧 ✨ with the new Message theme option in your Slack notification settings (Account Settings β†’ Notifications β†’ Slack).

Switching to the new Emoji theme will make your Slack notifications show πŸ‘ if your build passed, πŸ‘Œ if it’s fixed, πŸ‘Ž if it fails, πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž if it’s still failing, or βœ‹ if it’s canceled.

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Buildkite is the fastest, most secure way to test and deploy code at anyΒ scale.

Our self-hosted agents work in your environment with any source code tool, platform and language including but not limited to Ruby, Xcode, Go, Node, Python, Java, Haskell, .NET or pre-releaseΒ tools.

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