NewBuildkite hosted agents. Check out the Q1 Release for the latest features, including managed CI/CD offerings for Mac and Linux.

CI and build automation for GitLab repositories

Buildbox GitLab Integration

GitLab is an open source tool for hosting and collaborating on Git repositories on your own servers. And today, we're excited to announce official Buildbox support for GitLab projects 🎉

The new Buildbox GitLab support allows you to trigger your build pipelines on each commit. It can also trigger builds for pull requests and mark them as passed or failed, so you can be sure to never merge bad code into master.

GitLab CI pull request status

The new GitLab support works with the self-hosted Community and Enterprise editions, as well as all projects hosted on hosted.

We've made setup as easy as possible: if your project is hosted on simply set up your Buildbox project as usual, paste in your repository URL, and we'll do the rest. If you’re using the self-hosted version make sure you’re using version 7.4 or above and then follow our GitLab setup guide.

Happy building!