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New Emojis API

No longer does your team build monitor have to miss out on all the 🐼 and ✨ that you get in the Buildkite web interface, as we’ve now added a simple Emojis API.

The new Emojis API returns all the emojis for your organization (including aliases), and are the same set we use to help you concisely describe your project’s build pipeline:

Build pipeline with emojis

and to help break up your build output headers:

Build output with emojis

For an example of how to use the emoji API in the browser, here’s a few lines of jQuery which loads the emojis and then performs substitutions on a paragraph of text:

See the Pen Demo of using the Buildkite Emojis API by Tim Lucas (@toolmantim) on CodePen.

If there’s any emojis which you think we’re sorely lacking simply email with your suggestion and we’ll help you out 💝