We raised a $21m Series B!

I’m excited to announce Buildkite has raised a US$21M Series B, led by Airtree & OneVentures, to continue our mission to unblock every developer on the planet.

“So, what are you going to do with the money?” is the question every founder hears on repeat before, during, and after the fundraise process. And it deserves a good answer.

I’ve been doing Buildkite things for nine years. Like any relationship, there have been ups and downs. And like any relationship, it’s been important to continuously find the love and passion I have with Buildkite.

Enter 2020. Covid hit, the CI/CD space was changing rapidly, I didn’t quite know where I wanted to take things with Buildkite.

At the beginning of 2021, I went on a bit of a soul search with my co-founder, Tim. Where do we want to take things? We have great customers, a great product. What’s our end game?

We started talking to more friends and customers and looking at what we’ve accomplished over the last 9 years. We had customers building CI/CD pipelines in ways they could never with any other tool on the market, accomplishing things they could only accomplish with Buildkite. We realized there’s so much more we can do than just CI to unblock developers.

Inspired by the foundation we had built over the last nine years with our community, we took a step back and asked ourselves:

What could we do?

Not long after, we started building our second product, Test Analytics–a tool to examine and inform the reliability of your test suites for any language or framework, using any CI system.

Now we’re ingesting over a billion tests a week.

After seeing the success of Test Analytics, we know there is so much more we can do.

One of the hardest things to do in any systems design is to go from has_one to has_many. After we shipped Test Analytics, we proved we could make that shift, and it’s just the beginning for us.

So what's next?

From the DevOps Loop, we've done Build, we've done Test. And the more we zoom in, the more we’re pulled in to the next problems to solve for the software that hasn’t even been written yet. We’re excited to invent new dev tools for that future, and we can't wait to build it with you.

Oh, and if you want a sneak peak at that future: join us at UnblockConf in December, and sign up to our Newsletter...


For any founders or entrepreneurs reading this, I thought I'd share the deck that got us here in case it helps you on your journey as well. We're lucky to have incredible investors in Airtree, OneVentures, General Catalyst, and OpenView. If I can ever help you along your way, please reach out at keith at buildkite.com.

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