Introducing Buildkite Test Analytics: bringing observability to your test suite

If someone said to you “we don’t monitor our code in production”, you’d think they were stuck in 2004. In 2022 there are hundreds of tools that help you monitor and analyze how your application is performing once it reaches customers.

If all of your tools are monitoring your production code, what’s monitoring your test code? Your test suite is the silent second application you write alongside your production code and is often the gatekeeper to whether or not you can deploy. It has a gold mine of data for how your application will run in production, but the tools for extracting insights from that data are severely lacking. 

What if you had the same quality of performance and error monitoring you have for production, but for your test suite? Two years ago we set out to solve this problem in a way that was real-time and integrated into your build system, and now we’re releasing it to everyone.

Starting today, Buildkite Test Analytics is now available for everyone, and it works with any programming language, test framework and CI system 🎉

Test Analytics monitors every single test in your application and gives you deep tracing and performance insights for you to debug and monitor.

  • Automatically identify flaky tests to see what is causing the most disruption for your team, and get a head-start on fixing them for good.
  • Get deep visibility and tracing for your test suite integrated with your programming language and test framework.
  • Set targets and alerts to identify problems as soon as they occur with configurable speed and reliability monitors.

If you already use Buildkite, Test Analytics is available in your dashboard today, or you can get started on our free plan with 175,000 test executions.

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