NewBuildkite hosted agents. Check out the Q1 Release for the latest features, including managed CI/CD offerings for Mac and Linux.

Announcing Buildkite Agent v3.0

What’s new?

You can now use plugins in your build steps. Abstract your own workflows and tools, and share them with the community. Each plugin is a testable set of hooks, and can either be open-source repositories (like these), or private repositories visible only to your agents.

There’s a new buildkite-agent annotate command, which you can use to add content to the top of your builds. Useful for linking to deploys, summarising test failures, exposing build artifacts, showing compilation stats, or exposing any kind of build data.

Pipeline uploads now support environment variable substitution—the feature most requested in v2!

Under the hood there’s been some big updates for performance and stability. Large artifacts are now supported via multi-part upload. The job runner (bootstrap) has been ported from Bash to Golang, providing much improved Windows support. And there’s a new pre-exit hook, allowing you to run commands after a job regardless of its exit status.

Upgrading your agents to v3

We’ve worked hard to make v3 as backwards compatible as possible. To get started, follow the upgrade guide:

💖 and release notes

A big thank you to all the 41 open source contributors that contributed to this release. You can find their names, binaries for every platform, and the full release notes on GitHub.