Official Buildkite Terraform Provider

Our official Buildkite Terraform Provider

We’re excited to announce that we’ve published an official Buildkite provider to the Terraform registry!

Over the years, many of our customers who use Terraform to manage their infrastructure and have built and used custom Buildkite providers, but they really needed a provider that was built and fully supported by us. Now, with the official Buildkite provider, customers will be better able to manage Buildkite resources as infrastructure as code.

The official Buildkite provider can currently manage following resources:

  • Agent tokens
  • Pipelines
  • Pipeline schedules
  • Teams

We’d like to give special thanks to Buildkite customer Jarryd Tilbrook (@jradtilbrook) who developed the initial provider on which the official one is based.

Get Started

To learn more about the official Buildkite provider, check out the provider docs, and get hands-on by starting your free trial today.