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Goodbye Notifications, Hello Services & Webhooks!

Today we’re shipping big improvements to how you manage all of your 📣 and 🔔.

You can now add multiple notification services across your entire organization (for example, different Slack channels for each team and project). And you can configure personal email preferences on a per-project and per-branch level, without affecting the rest of your team.

Introducing: Services

You can now find the notification service settings for your entire organization under Settings > Services:

Buildkite Services

You can now set up a notification service for individual teams targeting only projects they care about, and posting the notifications to their own channel.

For projects that do deployments or other automated tasks you could setup a notification service for just that project. For example you can have a deployment project configured to post notifications to your main chat channel, including “Build Passed” notifications, for every build.

You can also use branch patterns (such as master or wip/*) to create notifications for different types of branches. For example you could post master branch builds to your main #dev channel and all other builds to a more noisy #builds channel.

Slack notification settings

✉️ Email Notifications

You can now customize exactly how you’d like to receive build email notifications (down to a project and branch level), without affecting the rest of your team.

Now, all your emails are managed via branch starring and the new email settings drop-down on your project page.

Buildkite project email settings dropdown

By default we don’t send you an email if a branch continues to stay green, it’d simply be too noisy. But if you’re using a deployment pipeline, or some other critical task that’s been automated, you can set “Include “Build Passed” notifications” to receive notifications of every build, no matter if it succeeded or failed.

If you had email notifications turned on for your team we’ve made sure to turn on notifications for every member of your organization.

⭐️ Email notifications and branch starring

Previously we used the commit author to figure out who to email. And we notified your entire team with build notifications for starred branches. Both of these settings are now now individual for each person, and much more useful.

If you contribute to a branch (via a pull request or a push) we’ll automatically star that branch for you, and if you’re using “Send me emails for starred branches” (it’s the default) then we’ll automatically subscribe you to build results for that branch.

If you want to unsubscribe from build emails for that branch, or any other branch, simply unstar it on your branches page.

Or if you don’t believe in email, you can simply choose “Don’t send me build emails”.

:webhook: Webhooks

Along with support for multiple notification services, we’ve added a new type of service: Webhooks!

Want to autoscale your build servers based on demand? Or perhaps launch a nerf 🚀 on every successful build of your deployment project? Add a webhook.

Webhooks enable you to write an application that receives notifications from Buildkite whenever a new build is queued or has finished.

To set up the webhook you simply provide us with the URL of your server, and we’ll send you a HTTP POST every time an event happens.

If you need to test or debug your webhook you can see the recent webhook requests we’ve sent to your server and the response your server returned.

Buildkite webhook request and responses

If you build something with our new Webhooks, let us know! We’d love to hear about how you’re extending Buildkite and suggestions for making it even better 👍🏼