My Builds

There’s a new way to interact with your Buildkite builds 😯 Instead of sifting through the builds from everyone in your organisation to find the ones you’ve started, we’ve collected them for you all in one place: My Builds.

As well as displaying your five most recently created builds, there’s a counter for running builds in the My Builds navigation bar button. For a more in depth overview, the My Builds page lists all of your historical builds, as well as those currently running or waiting for agents.

We’ve been so excited to ship this personalised view of builds for you since we redesigned the Pipelines page late last year. While the Pipelines page provides high level insight into the health of your pipelines, My Builds quickly and easily shows what you’ve been working on.

You can find My Builds in the navigation bar throughout Buildkite. For a walkthrough of all the features, visit our My Builds documentation.

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