Buildkite’s new invitation system

Invitation emails for everyone

Buildkite has long had support for multiple email addresses, but it could be a pain to ensure each one was verified and that ensure people used the right one when inviting you to an organization. Now both you, and the person inviting you, don’t have to worry about any of that: any email address will just work, whether it’s linked to an existing account on Buildkite or not:

There’s a few details in the email design that we’ve borrowed from Basecamp 3’s lovely invitation emails: the reply-to goes back directly to the person who sent you the invite; the from address shows you who it came from; and we include a nice big picture of the excellent human that invited you to Buildkite 😻

Automatic verification

Verifying your email is a rather annoying task to complete when signing up to services, so we’ve tried to reduce the need for this by integrating it directly into the invite process. Now when you accept an invitation we’ll automatically add and verify that email address! Huzzah for less emails and less link clicking ⭐️

We hope these two changes make your life easier when inviting teammates to Buildkite and save your time and attention for more important things, such as creating fast and reliable build pipelines, or exchanging Pokémon GO power up strategies ⚡️