Our speakers are experts in software delivery, and we're excited to introduce you to this year's lineup.

  • Keith Pitt

    Keith PittBuildkite

    Keith Pitt is the founder and CEO of Buildkite. An engineer at heart, Keith’s personal mission is to “build cool shit that developers love."

    Keith lives in Perth, Australia, and is a proud grower of two humans and two avocado trees (it’s important to note that Keith doesn’t really like avocados, but is quite fond of the humans.)

  • Anna Yan

    Anna YanRetool

    Anna is a tech lead on Retool's infrastructure team. She works on cloud infrastructure and has a vested interest in developer experience. Outside of work, Anna enjoys crafting (mostly leatherworking) and taking care of her plants.

  • Hila Fish

    Hila FishWix

    Hila Fish is a Senior DevOps Engineer at Wix with over 15 years of tech experience. She’s a recognized public speaker who believes the DevOps culture is what drives a company to perform at its best.

    In her spare time, Hila is a lead singer of a cover band, co-organizes DevOps-related conferences (incl DevOpsDays TLV and StatsCraft), and leads an Israeli women-in-tech mentoring community with Baot, sharing her passion and knowledge whenever she can.

  • Alan Mond

    Alan MondCruise

    Alan Mond is a Staff Software Engineer at Cruise, a company providing fully autonomous, robotaxi service in San Francisco. Alan holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University and a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Michigan.

    Before Cruise, Alan worked at Voyage, New Eagle, and Bosch. He co-founded MuniRent (a government tech startup) and founded a low volume prototyping company called Shapeable. Alan has been involved both in the development and testing of both hardware and software throughout most of his career.

  • Xiaoyang Tan

    Xiaoyang TanUber

    Xiaoyang Tan is a Senior Software Engineer on Uber's Developer Platform team. He leads the CI architecture in the Go Monorepo and other various tooling infrastructures to better the developer experience at Uber.

  • Tyler French

    Tyler FrenchUber

    Tyler French is a Software Engineer II on Uber's Developer Platform team and is based in New York City. Tyler leads the dependency management initiative within the Go developer experience. His interests lie in leveraging data and analyzing patterns to strategically improve the engineering experience.

  • Robbie DelPrete

    Robbie DelPreteTwilio

    Robbie has been working in the DevOps/SRE space for eight years and lives in Denver, Colorado, USA. He is currently the Tech Lead for a team at Twilio that focuses on CI/CD and Kubernetes. He loves to ski in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and produce music in his spare time.

  • Svet Marina

    Svet MarinaCash App

    Svet is a Software Engineer at CashApp, working on enabling CI/CD tooling for the engineering teams across the organization. She enjoys helping teams to build reliable and secure pipelines for their path to production, as this is a great opportunity for learning about all the variety of engineering practices being used in the industry.

  • Inny So

    Inny SoCash App

    Inny is an Engineering Manager at CashApp, currently working on the CI/CD team to provide fast, efficient and secure ways to enable CashApp Engineers to deliver value for customers.

    With the recent high profile supply chain attacks which surface the importance of CI/CD pipeline security, Inny has become increasingly interested in this area where she is keen to share and learn more from the community.

  • Andy MacKinlay

    Andy MacKinlayCulture Amp

    Andy was working on natural language processing before it was cool. His recent years as tech lead of engineering teams have focused on delivering more conventional software.

    Now, working as a machine learning engineer and tech lead of the NLP team, Andy helps build features based on natural language processing over the textual data that Culture Amp's platform handles – including engagement survey comments and performance feedback.

  • Dom Sammut

    Dom SammutNIB

    Dom is a Senior Engineering Manager at nib working in the Conversational AI space. His team is responsible for the operation of all chat and voice bots within the nib group along with the digital transformation of the contact centre into a customer-first automated platform.

  • Vishnu Bharathi

    Vishnu BharathiHasura

    Vishnu is a Technical Lead in the Infrastructure and Tools team at Hasura. He loves building developer tools and has spent most of his career doing it. More specifically he has been involved with building and using CI/CD tools for a long time. Outside work, he likes to read books, blogs, and research papers.

  • Sarah Funkhouser

    Sarah FunkhouserEquinix

    Sarah Funkhouser manages the Delivery Engineering team at Equinix Metal. She's an expert in deploying and running Kubernetes on bare metal, and has recently been writing lots of Go to keep things running smoothly.

    When she's not working, you can find her hanging out with her two kids, playing with her three dogs, or maybe out running, biking, and swimming around Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • Bobby Zimmerman

    Bobby ZimmermanPagerDuty

    Bobby Zimmerman is Solutions Consultant by day at PagerDuty where we are the digital nervous system for a company’s digital operations. The PagerDuty team identify issues and opportunities in real-time and bring together the right people to respond to problems faster and to prevent them in the future. Sports and tech nerd by night.

  • Spriha Tucker

    Spriha TuckerAviator

    Spriha is a Co-founder of Aviator.co - a suite of productivity-boosting bots for developers, built across source-control, build and test systems. At Aviator, her mission is to give devs everywhere the most headache-minimizing tooling to prevent grunt-work from creeping into their workflows (regardless of the size and scale of the teams and codebases they work with). She has previously worked at both small startups and large tech companies like Google and Microsoft.

  • Ciara Carey

    Ciara CareyCloudsmith

    Ciara Carey works in Developer Relations at Cloudsmith. Ciara has over 10 years as a software engineer, mostly developing web apps and services for security, printing, and computer vision.

  • Benjie De Groot

    Benjie De GrootShipyard

    Benjie is CEO and Co-Founder of Shipyard, previously he has built out CI/CD pipelines for companies ranging in size from seed to Fortune 50. He enjoys automating the mundane and releasing code that he knows has been tested and validated! When not working he likes hanging out with his Pug and Family.

  • Gordon Chan

    Gordon ChanBuildkite

    Gordon is a Senior Software Engineer in Buildkite's Test Analytics team. He loves solving problems with simple, clean solutions. Gordon lives in New Zealand and enjoys board games and podcasts (not at the same time).

  • Arthur Petitpierre

    Arthur PetitpierreAWS

    Arthur Petitpierre is Graviton Principal Specialist Solutions Architect, working at Amazon Web Services since more than 6 years, first as a High Performance Computing Specialist SA, and then focusing on AWS Graviton processors. His role in life in to help customers to understand the benefits of using AWS Graviton processors, guide them in their adoption journey, and ensure they get the best performance out of them.

    Prior to that, he use to work at various positions at a HPC hardware vendor, from HPC Support Engineer up to member of the HPC CTO office.

    When he’s not busy with ramping up the AWS Graviton adoption, you can find him sailing in the Puget Sound or hiking in the Cascade Mountains around Seattle.

  • Gokul Venugopal

    Gokul VenugopalCevo

    Gokul is a passionate software technologist, possessing 11 years of experience which includes having designed, developed, deployed and managed small and simple to very large and complex enterprise solutions on both on-premise and various cloud technologies.

  • Samuel Cochran

    Samuel Cochran Buildkite

    Sam is a founding engineer turned product manager at Buildkite. He loves simplifying complex systems to give folks superpowers. He also enjoys puns and music, especially in harmony.

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