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UnblockConf 21

UnblockConf is a global developer community conference for teams implementing continuous delivery at scale. UnblockConf 21 was held across 15-17 November 2021.

🗓 3 days

💬 2 keynotes

🎙 5 engineering talks

👾 9 technical webinars

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Relive the fun of our first ever conference for teams implementing CI/CD at scale, featuring keynotes and technical talks from the people who make Buildkite and teams that use it at scale.

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Catch up on the non-stop lineup of technical webinars from the UnblockConf 21 final day featuring partners such as AWS, Honeycomb, DataDog, Cloudsmith and Flare.

Logos of Bazel, Wix Engineering, PagerDuty, Pinterest, Lyft, Wayfair, AWS, Cloudsmith, Datadog, Honeycomb, HashiCorp and Flare.build

UnblockConf21 would not have been possible without the immense contributions from our speakers, presenters and partner teams.

To get in touch regarding becoming a partner for UnblockConf22, please email us here.