Introducing our new paid plans

Today we're introducing new plans that pave the way for upcoming features and releases, such as Buildkite Test Analytics, and ensure we can continue to support and scale the highest performing CI/CD platform in a sustainable way.

You can see the details of the new plans on our new pricing page, and I wanted to share some of the thinking and principles that went into their design, as well as expand some details for existing customers.

📈 Supporting Scale

We’re dedicated to running the fastest CI/CD platform in the world. This means helping you scale from zero to tens of thousands of build agents, running hundreds of jobs per build in parallel, and supporting the fastest and cheapest cloud compute available. To support you at scale, we needed pricing that scales with usage.

🚀 No Usage Limits

Our mission is to unblock developers, and we strongly believe that you shouldn't have to upgrade your plan just to add another pipeline, increase parallelism, or invite a coworker. Our new paid plans are designed with this in mind—no more needing to wait for an admin to hit upgrade before getting stuff done.

🔍 Transparent Fees

Any usage fees of our platform should be transparent, easy to understand, and within your control. We’ve introduced a small per-job-minute fee that isn't a markup on the retail cost of compute but instead represents our fee for orchestrating and streaming the jobs that power your build pipelines.

If you run fewer builds, you pay less. If you speed up builds by spending more on larger cloud instances, you pay less. And if your usage is low, it'll be completely covered in the base cost of the plan.

🛠 Tooling & Alerting

We've introduced a new Usage page, to show you how many job minutes you’re running across your Buildkite organization. We’re dedicated to transparent pricing with no surprises, and we’ll continue to roll out new tools, alerts and features to help you understand your spend, and speed up your builds.

🚅 Self-Service Enterprise

We don’t like getting in your way, so we made our Enterprise plan completely self-service. You can now upgrade in your own time, without being blocked on a synchronous conversation.

💚 Existing Customers

If you’re an existing customer, nothing changes today. Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be releasing self-migration tools, and further instructions specific to your account. For Standard plan customers, this will be via an email to your account admins. And for Enterprise customers, your Customer Success Manager will reach out to talk about these changes with you directly.