Introducing the Elastic CI Stack for EC2 Mac

New Stack dialog next to an abstract illustration of a cluster of EC2 Mac machines

We’re excited to introduce the Elastic CI Stack for EC2 Mac, a new way for teams to scale mobile CI/CD pipelines using AWS and Buildkite ⚡️ This new open source stack is created specifically for mobile teams, helping you migrate to AWS-managed servers for increased reliability, security, and speed 📱

Pinterest have been using Buildkite to power their own mobile CI pipelines using a similar architecture to the Elastic CI Stack for EC2 Mac, which you can read all about it in Oliver Koo’s UnblockConf 21 talk. Migrating from their self-managed hardware to Buildkite + AWS resulted in an 80% reduction in CI related build failures, and a 43% reduction in upgrade times 📉

This 1.0 release consists of a CloudFormation template that manages the Auto Scaling Group, Launch Template customizations to run the Buildkite Agent, and various supporting pieces required to maintain a pool of EC2 Mac instances running the agent. And coming up we’ll be adding m1 support, new autoscaling options, and more.

To get started, see the Elastic CI Stack for EC2 Mac Documentation or check it out on GitHub 🚀

If your team manages Linux and Docker based workflows too, check out our existing Elastic CI Stack for AWS. Or if you'd like to connect with other teams running mobile CI/CD at scale, you can join the Mobile Native Foundation forums and the Buildkite Community Slack.