Buildkite has joined the Mobile Native Foundation

Mel Kaulfuss on July 22, 2021Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite

Buildkite is super proud to be a core supporter of the newly-formed Mobile Native Foundation (March 2021).

The foundation’s core mission is to:

“Provide a place to collaborate on open source projects and discuss wide ranging topics in order to improve processes and technologies for large-scale Android and iOS applications.”

Frustrated by having to implement and re-implement UI frameworks, flexible architectures, replacement build systems and new networking stacks time and time again, members of the Mobile Native Foundation seek to encourage much needed guidelines, libraries and tools to improve the mobile developer experience.

If you’re a mobile developer or infrastructure engineer working to improve the testing and deployment of your Android and iOS applications, or if you’ve recently made some changes that have had significant impacts, share your stories with your peers. The foundation’s discussion space has a huge wealth of information about how teams are approaching problems, and we highly encourage you to check them out and get involved. For example, you'll find threads on:

Get involved, share your experiences and problems, and connect with other teams and share best practices in the foundation’s Github discussions repo.

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