AWS Graviton Ready

Buildkite is now an official AWS Graviton Ready Partner 🎉 Full support for Graviton2 (C6g) instances is available now in the Elastic CI Stack for AWS, with Graviton3 (C7g) support coming soon.

AWS Graviton is a new Arm-based EC2 instance type providing higher performance and lower power usage than traditional instance types. Working closely with AWS we’ve ensured the Buildkite Elastic CI Stack for AWS has best-in-class Graviton support, so you can now setup highly scalable CI infrastructure for your teams powered by the fastest AWS compute.

To get started using Graviton2 with Buildkite, follow the Elastic CI Stack for AWS tutorial and choose one of the c6g* instance types.

To learn more about Graviton and using it with Buildkite you can watch the recent UnblockConf 21 webinar hosted by Arthur Petitpierre, Worldwide EC2 Graviton Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS, and Nick Rycar from Buildkite: