Agent Job History

Jessica Stokes on December 7, 2017

On an Agent’s page, the last ten jobs are now shown:

Clicking any of the jobs listed here will take you right to that job’s log output within the build it’s a part of.

The “Jobs” link will take you to a full listing of every job the Agent has run:

We’ve also added information about an Agent’s assigned jobs to the GraphQL API. An Agent’s assigned Jobs can now be fully paginated, and sorted by when they were assigned or created.

To see the new jobs list in action, head to your Agents page in Buildkite, or use an agent’s jobs field in the Buildkite GraphQL Explorer.

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Our self-hosted agents work in your environment with any source code tool, platform and language including but not limited to Ruby, Xcode, Go, Node, Python, Java, Haskell, .NET or pre-release tools.

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