More Powerful Webhooks

Webhooks allow you to extend and customize Buildkite to suit your team’s needs, and along with the 2.0 agent release we’ve given the Buildkite webhook system a major overhaul: there are new events to give better visibility of your agents and build queue; you can filter each webhook’s events by project and branch; and SNI endpoints such as AWS Lambda are now fully supported ✨

Check out the webhooks documentation for details on the new events and payloads, and how to integrate webhooks with other services.

To get started with webhooks we’ve added example webhook implementations for building your own LIFX-powered build light in Node.js, Ruby, PHP and Webtask (and LIFX have offered Buildkite peeps 30% off their original globes! Email us for details) 🚦

What are teams building with webhooks?

Shopify’s Agent Clustering Dashboard

Shopify’s developer acceleration team has applied their AWS and Docker expertise to create an auto-scaling cluster of Buildkite agents using Buildkite webhooks and the API, allowing the entire Shopify development team to go from test to deployment in less than 10 minutes 🏃🏾‍♀️ 🚀

To remotely control agents, monitor the build queue, and plan their capacity the team created an agent clustering dashboard using the Buildkite API, webhooks and AWS:

Shopify’s agent control panel

Ferocia’s CI Light Board

Ferocia is a development team from Melbourne who build beautiful software for personal banking. Ferocia use Buildkite to test the services that make up their system, including backend tests, third-party API integration, mobile builds for iOS and Android, and automated integration testing between their services 💳 🔧

Ferocia enlisted the help of a lighting designer to create this incredible CI light board (art installation?) to monitor the build status of their key projects:

It uses 7 LIFX bulbs, an Elixir-powered backend for processing the webhooks and calling the LIFX HTTP API, torn bits of paper, and (rumour has it) a React-powered panic button for turning all the lights green 🍀

Getting Started with Webhooks

Check out the webhooks documentation including integrations and example implementations. Once you’ve deployed a webhook you simply add the URL under your organization’s notification settings.

Build panda

What is Buildkite?

Buildkite gives you the power, stability and security of running CI, CD and build automation tasks on your own infrastructure, without the overhead of running your own CI system. It has a modern web UI, comprehensive webhooks and JSON APIs, and deep integration with tools including GitHub, Slack, and more.

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