Announcing UnblockConf '21

Mel Kaulfuss on October 26, 2021Staff Developer Advocate — Buildkite

I’m excited to announce UnblockConf '21 — our inaugural developer conference. It’s a virtual event that’s free to attend, with a selection of engineering talks, keynotes and technical webinars across 3 days starting November 15 (PT)

  • 💬 2 keynotes
  • 🎙 6 engineering talks
  • 👾 8 technical webinars
  • 🥳 1 afterparty on Skittish

We have talks from Bazel, Lyft, Shopify, Pinterest, Wayfair and more, two Buildkite Keynotes and a series of Technical Webinars where we partner up with guests from AWS, Honeycomb, PagerDuty, Datadog and others to take some educational deep dives and answer all your questions along the way.

Following the presentations on Day 1 and Day 2 we’ll have speakers join us for a Q&A panel where we can reflect on the topics presented, ask questions, gain further insight and make connections as a community.

To celebrate our event we’re having a party in Skittish. Choose an avatar, join with us and discover a magical land and have some fun and games along the way.

For years now we’ve wanted to bring our community together to share and learn and it's finally happening, we hope you’ll join us!

Read all about it, and register to attend for free, at

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