Announcing Buildkite Test Analytics: identify, track and fix problematic tests

I'm excited to announce Buildkite Test Analytics! Using Test Analytics you can identify problems in your delivery pipelines earlier than ever, understand what’s slowing down your builds, and keep a closer eye on your speed and reliability metrics 🎯

🐛 Flaky test identification

A single flaky test can interrupt critical deployments, and waste everyone’s time debugging failures unrelated to their code changes. With automatic flaky test identification and analysis over time, you can see exactly which tests are most disruptive.

⚡️ Speed & reliability monitoring

Keeping your tests speedy and reliable ensures your feedback loops are fast, deployments are frequent, and developers feel productive. Create alerts for changes in runtime and reliability, and detect problems before they affect the team.

🔍 Deep performance analysis

Reduce time and money spent on wasted build compute, by uncovering your test suite’s largest bottlenecks. Per-test tracking, and integration with your programming language and test framework, gives you the speed and performance data you need to diagnose and fix issues.

⏱ Actionable insights from the first run

Don't just wait for trends. Take action from the first run by resolving the top issues uncovered in your test suites. Test Analytics uses data from every test suite run to help you optimize your pipelines.

🙌 Integrate with any CI tool

You can set up Test Analytics within your Buildkite pipelines or on any other CI provider and immediately start to analyze and improve your build speed and reliability.

📬 Learn more and join the waitlist

Read more on the Buildkite Test Analytics page, and sign up to the waitlist for early access.