NewBuildkite hosted agents. Check out the Q1 Release for the latest features, including managed CI/CD offerings for Mac and Linux.

The all new Buildkite Shop

Starting today, you can now grab yourself a screen printed Buildkite tee or vinyl sticker from our new online store: 🎉

The new tees

Our new Buildkite tees are screen printed with discharge inks, so instead of a thick layer of paint layered on top of the tshirt, the fabric itself is re-dyed—leaving the final product just as breathable and soft as the original cotton tee.

Discharge inks can be particularly tricky when it comes to reproducing exact colours, but our screen printing heroes at PSI Screenprinting didn’t let the six colour diagonal Pride rainbow stop them 🙌

Heat setting in the tunnel dryer—activating the pigments and bonding them to the fabric.

The tee folding robot, doing what it does best.

Finished with a recyclable paper band, rather than a plastic bag.

Vinyl sticker packs

Instead of the usual digitally printed stickers, we wanted ours to be high quality, screen printed vinyl. And for packaging, we commissioned Carla Hackett to hand letter the names of each pack 🖌, and then had the lettering turned into stamps we could use on each recyclable packet.

Hand lettering for the sticker packs and tee paper bands.

The finished result 👌

Shopify store

Shopify is hands down the best platform for setting up a store. It has custom themes, Apple Pay, and powerful fulfilment and admin controls. And, given that Shopify use Buildkite to test and ship their platform, it’s the perfect match for our online shop 🛍💪

We had our custom Shopify theme developed by Bit League, and Melbourne-based photographer Ben Christensen concepted and shot all the product photos, prepped the store, and pulled it all together 💌

The shooting setup, with 3 umbrellas, cardboard coffee, and some precision made paper computing devices.

Making the announcement gif.

If only Apple milled their Macbooks from glitter.

Clips, green wire, and a little bit of post-production magic.

Grab yourself some gear

We can’t wait to start shipping you some stickers and tees. Head to and order yourself some 💥