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6 Challenges Wix Faced While Building a Super CI Pipeline



Developer velocity can’t be underestimated. Whether it’s building & deploying a hotfix for an urgent production incident, or your regular day-to-day development cycle, a CI/CD pipeline must provide a fast feedback loop. But what happens when your company just keeps on growing and your CI system is starting to cave in under pressure? What can you do if your users are getting frustrated, having critical builds queued for over an hour? In this talk we’ll discuss how Wix built a scalable, highly concurrent CI solution to support 500 engineers, using Buildkite, while reducing the time builds spend in queue (when our CI system is under load) from ~40-60 minutes to merely seconds.


Headshot of Shay Sofer.

Shay Sofer

Tel Aviv, Israel

Shay is a Backend Engineer at Wix’s Infrastructure team. For over a decade, he has worked in backend engineering and tech lead roles, implementing and designing software. He is passionate about distributed systems, playing the guitar (and is awful at it), and video games (and is somewhat okay at them). A proud father of a one-month-old. Learning new, exciting things every day.