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Resilient, Reusable, and Fun CI with Buildkite



Continuous Integration. It’s the first step in most developer journeys to Cloud Native. Platform teams, developers, and operations struggle to get it right. In this talk, listen to Lelia and Gary from Wayfair’s Development Platform team laugh through the pain of scaling from 30 engineers to 3000. From 4 hour lead times to 10 minute keyboard-to-production deployments. We’ll use the backdrop of explosive growth at Wayfair to bring relatable hilarity to engineers working in operations, devops, and the software layer! This war story of reducing deploy train brain pain will also break with practical learnings and examples on how you might be able to benefit from our mistakes. Most importantly, we’ll share our Buildkite best practices and features we love. Come laugh with us! (or at us)


Headshot of Lelia Bray-Musso.

Lelia Bray-Musso

Suffolk County, USA

Lelia Bray-Musso is an open-source enthusiast, emoji connoisseur, and former film major. After switching to a career in technology, she was unable to avoid the allure of Continuous Integration. Whether through transforming the build process for server software, rehabilitating CI agents for testing robots, introducing shared libraries to a security company's release process, or exploring workflow extensibility through Buildkite plugin development, one constant has remained: a desire to make CI easier, faster, and more robust.

Headshot of Gary White Jr..

Gary White Jr.

Boston, USA

Gary White Jr. is a technologist, meme enthusiast, aspiring gearhead, and has-been musician. Working early in his career on Cloud Foundry and infrastructure automation, he has worked with many enterprise companies on solving difficult problems at scale. At Wayfair he’s been integral in revolutionizing their automation strategy with Buildkite, and now steps into the Open Source world in earnest once again with the Open Source Program Office.