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Flaky tests FML



Introducing: Buildkite Test Analytics, a new suite of features that helps you identify, track and fix problems in your test suites. Hate tracking down flaky and slow tests? Come hear from the Buildkite product team that's working to make your life easier, and get a first-hand look at what we're building, and why.


Headshot of Jasmine Quek.

Jasmine Quek

Melbourne, Australia

Jasmine is a Senior Engineer and likes solving technical problems for people, by working together with great people. If I get to make pretty things along the way that’s fun too! In my natural habitat you’ll find me: eating, baking and playing games at the arcade.

Headshot of Jasmin Wong.

Jasmin Wong

Sydney, Australia

Jasmin is a designer and photographer, and pawrent to the world’s most photogenic Border Collie, Ari. She likes specialty tea, pottery, gardening, and working with other people to craft beautiful and useful things for humans of the internet.